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Should I worry about my baby's flat spot?

What can be done about the flat spot on my baby’s head? I’ve seen some babies that need to wear a helmet to help round out their head. How do I know if my baby needs a helmet to help shape his head

Katrena Lacey | Pediatrician

Katrena Lacey

Flat spots on babies' heads have become more and more common since the successful implementation of Back to Sleep to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It is usually not a sign of any abnormal brain growth or development. Your pediatrician or family medicine doctor should evaluate the baby to determine if intervention is needed such as physical therapy or a helmet.

This evaluation should occur at the 2-month, 4-month and 6-month appointments. If your pediatrician or family medicine doctor does not mention the flat spot, then be sure to express your concern.

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