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My daughter has a lump under her nipple, should I be concerned?

My 4 month old daughter has had a hard lump under her breast nipple for 2 months now.

Her peditrician has looked at it in the past and said it should go away within a couple of weeks. However, it has not and may be even getting bigger.

Stephanie Neuhaus | Pediatrician

Stephanie Neuhaus

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your 4 month old daughter. She sounds like she has a common condition that we call breast buds. While they sometimes go away within a few weeks, more often, they will last for months.

Occasionally they will last even past the child's first birthday. They are more common in breast fed infants, but also occur in formula fed babies.

They are completely non harmful, and should not be cause for concern, unless you notice that they significantly increase in size, or appear red or painful.

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