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Why Doesn't My Toddler Gain Weight?

My son is turning 14 months today. Over the last 3 months his weight has  stagnated at 8.9 kg. (19.6 lbs) and today he was weighed and has dropped to 8.6 kg. (18.9 lbs.) I am worried that his weight has dropped.

Although he seems physically well. He's walking and holding onto tables, he can roll over and is feeding well too. What could be happening to him? Could he be having a serious problem?

Joseph Dumba | Family Medicine

Joseph Dumba

There are a number of things to take into consideration before you start to worry about our son. For example, is the child tall or too skinny for his age. If he is in the normal weight range for his age and he is very active and heatlhy, then he is probably doing fine.

Sometimes children will drink more milk or juice and eat less solid food. This could mean he is not getting enough calories. If this is the case, encourage more solid food during the day.

Children at times will stagnate for a few months and then resume growth. Changes in family dynamics can also affect growth.

He is below the fifth percentile for weight. It would be a good idea to visit your child's physician for him or her to review his growth curve to see if his weight has decreased.

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