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Does colicky baby need different formula?

What are formula alternatives? If a baby appears "colicky" is it possible to use "lactaid" milk, if it appears the baby is intolerant to formula? Or is a soy-based formula an option?

Karen K. Meyer | Pediatrician

Karen K. Meyer

I would not recommend lactaid milk under one year of age. It might be helpful to use the “gentle” formulas.

They contain less lactose and have an altered casin/whey ratio (carbohydrate sources) making them easier to digest. 

Formula Alternatives

I usually prefer formula like:

  • Gentlease
  • Similac Sensitive
  • Gerber Good Start

These formulas are easily digested and contain less lactose. Soy formula has no lactose and can be well tolerated, but often causes constipation.

These formulas can provide adequate nutrition for your infant and can be used if an infant is not tolerating the sugar (lactose) found in cow’s milk-based formulas.

Caution with Formula Change

Be sure to consult your baby’s physician before changing his or her formula.

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