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Does my baby have a urinary tract infection?

My two month old feels slightly feverish and has smelly urine is this a urinary tract infection?

Greg Severson | Pediatrician

Greg Severson

There are several reasons a newborn's urine can be "smelly," some are concerning and others are not. One of the most common causes, ammonia buildup in the diaper, is not a serious problem.

While the urine can be malodorous with a urinary tract infection (UTI), this is not the most common way for a UTI to present in an infant. Fever which is very uncommon in young infants, should always raise red flags. A UTI should be one of the top considerations when an infant develops an unexplained fever. Uncircumcised male babies and female infants are at greater risk for a UTI. 

Many studies have shown the inaccuracy of trying to determine a child's body temperature (if he/she has a fever) by touching his/her skin. 

I would recommend you take your child's temperature (with an infant thermometer) and if it is elevated I would immediately contact the baby's physician to alert him/her to what is going on. It is likely the doctor will want to see the child. A UTI in a young infant (your child's age), can be associated with more serious issues, so it is very important the child be seen by your health care provider.

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