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Does my child have allergies?

My 18 month daughter has always consistently rubbed her nose and eyes (itchy) and she constantly having eczema issues. Also for some reason now, she is consistently having rashes all over her diaper area...clusters of bumps everywhere.

She has worn cloth diapers from almost the beginning due to reactions she was having from disposables. She never used to get any type of rash in that area. Would it be beneficial for me to get her tested for allergies?

Her pediatrician doesn't know what's going on and can't really give me any help as far as treating her.

Greg Severson | Pediatrician

Greg Severson

It sounds like your child may be allergic. I would try her on an antihistamine such as Claritin or Zyrtec (1/2 tsp of either product daily) . 

If she is allergic then her eye and nose rubbing should improve in approximately 7 days, and the rashes may clear.  If she gets better keep her on the antihsitamine until the allergic exposure is past. 

If the rashes persist, I would have her seen by a dermatologist. Since children often outgrow allergies as they get older, I would wait for allergy testing and see if the suggested treatments work. If they don't help then I would recommend that she see the allergist.

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