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Any suggestions to help extreme diaper rash?

My 11 month old has an extreme diaper rash. His bottom turns pink and as soon as he has a bowel movement. It is bloody and raw and he cries so intensely he hyperventilates. We have tried every kind of cream and home remedy and nothing has helped. Do you have any ideas?

Rosann Nichols | Pediatrician

Rosann Nichols

The baby may need to be on a prescription diaper rash cream. You can also start off by changing diaper brands. 

You can also make a paste by mixing over-the-counter Aquaphor and a little bit of Maalox. Applying this can neutralize some of the acid that is causing the irritation. Another idea would be to add a probiotic in to the child diet.

During the time when your baby's rash is acting up very gentle skin care is needed including not using traditional wipes for diaper changes. It is best to use warm water and cotton (cotton balls, cotton washcloth, etc) because often the astringent on the commercial wipes and the paper product itself can delay healing of the diaper rash.

Baking soda in the bath water can also be soothing to the skin and it is important to all allow for increased skin exposure to air without a diaper on to make sure the skin is very dry.

If the rash is still present, then a visit with your doctor can help determine if a skin treatment for yeast is needed or a stronger barrier ointment needed.These are just a few suggestions; however, if symptoms persist, your baby should be seen by your health care provider to make sure there is not something more going on that is causing the rash.

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