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Are my twins having a growth spurt?

I have twin girls who were born at 29 weeks gestation. They are now 2 months old (due date Jan 30 2014). They are taking 57-60 ml per feeding. Last night one of the babies was hungry 40 minutes after feeding and l gave her additional 40 ml, which she took fine. She did not spit up and she feel asleep instantly.

Today, the same happened with the other baby. Is it safe to feed again after such a short amount of time, and should l increase their volume and by how much? l am not sure how much they can take at this age. In the NICU we were told to increase 2-3 ml in 2-3 days.

Elizabeth Walenz | Pediatrician

Elizabeth Walenz

Congratulations! As babies grow, they will go through various growth spurts, and may gradually need to take more during the day.

You certainly could try to increase their feeding volume from 57-60 ml to 80-90 ml and see if they consistently finish. As they are small, I agree with increasing their feeding volume slowly. If they do not consistently finish or if they spit up, they are getting too much and we should decrease the volume.  

The best indicator is growth. You should be having fairly frequent weight checkup appointments with your pediatrician. Be sure to touch base with your doctor to discuss appropriate volumes of feedings at this age as well as what to anticipate over the next few months. 

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