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I am worried about my baby's flat head?

My son just turned 9 weeks old and I feel like his head is getting flat on the back.

We already do a lot of tummy time and when he goes to sleep at night he sleeps on his side. I don't know what else to do or if I'm just overreacting about it.

Amanda Votruba | Pediatrician

Amanda Votruba

Being aware of a problem early is quite helpful, especially when dealing with deformational plagiocephaly, better known as a flat head. The earlier you intervene, the easier it is to make a difference. 

At 9 weeks, your baby's head is still very pliable and in many cases will round out on its own by six months as he starts crawling and sitting. Nevertheless, you should discuss the shape of his head with your child's doctor as there can be a few other causes not remedied by position changes.

You are already doing what you can for your son, tummy time while he is awake and happy. As he gets stronger you can utilize 'Bumbo' seats or similar products. Be cautious of how much time he spends in bouncy seats or swings as these also put pressure on his head. If one side of the head is more flat than another position the head on the non-preferred side.

We always recommend "back to sleep" for SIDS reduction.

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