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My son is 2 1/2 and he has no interest in potty training?

My son is 2 1/2 and he has no interest in potty training. I have tried putting him on the potty chair and he throws an all out fit.

I've gotten him to sit a couple of times by distracting him with toys but he's only used it twice since we've started trying.

I reward him with stickers after the times that he does go but, I hate making him sit there and scream and cry. Any suggestions?

Margarita Dickey | Pediatrician

Margarita Dickey

Every child is different and potty training readiness can be different for every child.

You can tell when a child is ready if he or she wants to use the potty to please you and to get praise. It sounds like the stickers and positive reinforcement are not working at this time.

I suggest that you stop trying for now and give him some time before trying again. He doesn't seem to be ready to go potty like a big boy yet and turning potty time into a battle will not be helpful.

The next time you decide to try again, I'm sure he will come around to the idea. Before you know it, he will be using the potty like a pro!

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