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Is my toddler cutting molars?

There are black and blue bumps in his mouth - are these from teeth being cut? My 10 month old I believe is getting his pre-molars. I have noticed black and blue bumps in his mouth along with swelling. Should I be concerned? If not, about how long will it be before the bruising goes away or when I should be concerned. 

Rosann Nichols | Pediatrician

Rosann Nichols

Without the ability to ask some follow up questions, it's hard to provide a detailed answer to your question. Generally, it can be normal to see some discoloration along the gumline assoicated with teething, but it would also be important to know if there has been any unusual bleeding or recent injury, and to know where the bruising is located.

I would recommend that if you have concerns about his teething pattern or gumline bruising it would be beneficial to see a pediatric dentist. If the bruising/discoloration is noted on the tongue, cheeks or other parts of the mouth then it would be best for him to see his physician in order to have a physical exam done. 

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