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Does teething make your baby sleepy?

My 8 month old is teething. Will this affect his energy level? He is normal very energetic and lately seems to be sleeping a lot. Is this normal? Is it a result of the teething?

Emilio Arispe | Pediatrician

Emilio Arispe

It is common to equate many symptoms with teething as many complaints from the child seem to be more prominent during that time: Excess drooling, irritability, refusing bottles, (possibly due to pressure in ears similar to the experience on an airplane), and sleepless nights. 

Ibuprofen, will usually help with these symptoms given at bedtime for two to three nights. It is an anti inflammatory agent, as well as a pain reliever. Excess sleep while not common during teething is probably a just sign of growing and needing some extra zzzzzz’s. As long as baby is not exhibiting any sick symptoms of fever or obvious cold, enjoy the extra sleep hours!

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