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Is my baby dehydrated

My 6 month old baby girl and I both have a cold and I have noticed that she hasn't peed all day except once; however, not enough for me to change her diaper.

She has tears when crying and her mouth is not dry. She's also still her playful self.

I'm just scared that I may not be producing enough milk for her. I have started increasing my water intake and eating more but I still feel like it might not be enough..

Could she be dehydrated?

Matthew Gibson | Pediatrician

Matthew Gibson

The amount an infant urinates is a great marker for how well hydrated they are.

When infants become sick with a cold and congestion, just like adults, they may not feel well. Because of this, they may not want to drink as much as normal.

You are on the right track in looking at  baby's activity, lips, and tears, but urine is the most often recommended marker from pediatricians as it’s the most objective.

As long as an infant is otherwise well-appearing and they’re having a wet diaper (even if small) every 6-8 hours or 3-4 in a day, we can assume they’re adequately well hydrated.

If they begin to have less, he or she should be seen by their doctor. Since you are a breastfeeding mom, being ill can definitely decrease a milk supply as you may not be as well-hydrated as normal and your body may be requiring more fluid to stay hydrated.

Producing milk will be the first thing sacrificed by your body. When you and your baby are ill, it’s even more important to be attentive to how well-hydrated your baby seems by how many wet diapers they have as well as their overall appearance.

I completely agree with you drinking more and eating more, but if it seems like your baby still isn’t having normal wet diapers or isn’t having at least 3-4 in a 24 hour period, she should be checked by her pediatrician. 

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