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Is inverted nipples normal for a baby girl?

My daughter just had a baby girl who has inverted nipples. Is this common? Should she be worried?

Elizabeth Walenz | Pediatrician

Elizabeth Walenz

No need to worry. Inverted nipples are common in both baby boys and baby girls.

Many times the nipple will evert or come out with adolescence and puberty. Also, it is not uncommon for a newborn baby to develop some small breast tissue after delivery. Newborns develop breast tissue secondary to maternal hormones, specifically estrogen.

The newborn breast usually will diminish by 4-6 months of age. In adolescence, the young girl will start to develop breast tissue, at that time the nipple will either remain inverted or will come out. This should not pose a problem. Mothers may nurse with either everted or inverted nipples. What to watch for: If there is any increased redness of the nipple or newborn breast, contact your pediatrician.

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