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Is bleeding days after circumcision something to worry about?

My baby boy is 10 days old. Yesterday when changing a pee diaper I noticed that there was a bright red blood spot.

I took him to the ER, but they told me to leave because of the wait and the sickness there. A nurse did look at it and said she didn't think it was anything to be alarmed about.

He is circumcised. Do you think I should be worried? Do you think he may have an infection and need testing? Today he had another diaper and it had a small spot of blood and what looked like puss. What could be going on?

Jeffrey Gartrell | Family Medicine

Jeffrey Gartrell

A small amount of bleeding can be common after a circumcision; however, I agree that he needs to be seen by a physician. It doesn’t sound like an emergency, but I would suggest that you make an appointment with your primary care provider so he or she can take a look.

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