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Are You Listening to Me?

My teen uses ear buds and I worry they are affecting his hearing. What are your recommendations?

Greg Severson | Pediatrician

Greg Severson

I also recommend using earphones that sit outside of - not in - the ear. Earphones of any type (in-ear or outside the ear) can cause damage. Keep the volume down. Ultimately, the safest thing to do is to not use ear phones at all. And if your child's ears buzz or ring, see your physician immediately!

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Rosann Nichols | Pediatrician

Rosann Nichols

You are very wise to be concerned about these small, powerful headsets. Even moderately loud noise can permanently damage your child’s hearing – painlessly. To guard against damage to your child's hearing, I recommend: limiting the use of in-ear devices. No child younger than 12 should use them at all. Also, limit the volume of sound. Turn volume no higher than halfway. Surrounding sounds and conversations should be able to be heard. At 60% of volume,  ranges are 100 to 110 decibels - or equal to the sound of a chainsaw or jackhammer!

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