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At what age should a girl first visit with an OB/GYN?

My daughters are 16 and 18 and still love their pediatrician, but I am wondering when they should begin to see a gynecologist for care?

Judith Scott | Obstetrician

Judith Scott

Starting around the young teen years, a girl can visit the gynecologist. Pelvic exams are generally not done until age 21, when pap testing is started.

Gynecologists can provide lots of good education and treatment for the developing adolescent. Many teens may feel more comfortable seeing a gynecologist rather than their pediatrician, but that is totally up to them.

Some pediatricians may feel more comfortable with their teen patients seeing a gynecologist for certain types of exams or if the young woman is having specific problems related to this area.

The most important thing for the teen is that she to feels comfortable and has confidence in her doctor.

Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center Offers Adolescent Gynecology Services

As a young woman your first gynecological exam should be a positive experience. Teens today have a number of questions, and our adolescent experts can provide the answers they are seeking.

Omaha’s first adolescent gynecology clinic at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center has providers that are sensitive to a young woman’s health issues and concerns and we take the time to listen.

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