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How do I start my baby on real food?

My 8-month-old baby is starting to eat real food instead of baby food. What types of things should I feed him so I am sure he is getting good nutrition?

Shawn Jones | Pediatrician

Shawn Jones

Babies that are starting to eat people food are also anxious to start feeding themselves. Finger foods at this age are a good start.

Just be sure to offer fruits and vegetables, cereals, milk for babies over 1 year, and keep sweets which have low nutritional value to a minimum - if you offer them at all.

Babies who are just getting their teeth do well with cooked carrots or green beans cut into small pieces, bananas, crackers, cereal or pasta.

If your child has any food allergies, be sure to check with your health care provider on what types of food would be best for your child.

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