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Should I be worried about clotting?

I have heterozygous factor v lieden mutation with no history of of clots. We believe that I inherited it from my father, none of his sisters have had difficulty carrying a pregnancy. I am concerned because I am 6 weeks pregnant and my OB feels that a baby aspirin will be enough to prevent complications.

However, I am worried about 2nd, and 3rd trimester loss. Should I be concerned and push the subject more? Wondering if I need to be on Lovenox?

Andrew Robertson | Perinatologist

Andrew Robertson

There is not information provided to be able to make a proper determination on the need for or degree of anticoagulation in this particular case. 

If in fact there are no other complicating factors, then a baby aspirin would be sufficient. 

One can always seek a second opinion that would allow a thorough evaluation and recommendation.

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