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What can I do for my dry skin when I'm pregnant?

I am in my first trimester and I am noticing that the knuckles of my hands are horribly dry. Is it just weather - related or is dry skin more common in pregnancy? What can I safely use to help?

Toby Marshall | Obstetrician

Toby Marshall

Dry skin is a very common skin condition, usually characterized by irritated skin and itchiness. Dry skin often worsens in the winter, when the air is cold and dry.

In addition, frequent bathing can aggravate dry skin. With no treatment, dry skin may become flaky or scaly.

I believe that your dry knuckles are definitely weather related and it is not anything to worry about in regard to the pregnancy.

Try a good lotion such as Curel. Often, the knuckles get very dry with frequent hand washing, and I've found Curel to be the best.

You should contact your health care provider if you notice:

  • Itching without a visible rash.
  • The itching and dryness are so bad you can't sleep.
  • Home remedies have not relieved the dryness.

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