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What acne treatments are safe while trying to conceive?

We are trying to conceive, and I want to be careful about the medications I use since I may be pregnant. Is there anything I can use safely?

Carolee Jones | Obstetrician

Carolee Jones

Thank you for asking your question. You are wise to be cautious about medications you use when trying to conceive. For acne, products that contain benzoyl peroxide are relatively safe because they are not absorbed  systemically. 

If want to avoid any exposure, you can ask your physician to prescribe a Cleocin tgel preparation to help prevent acne. This is only available as a prescription - not over the counter. 

Also safe would be washes containing the ingredient salycylic acid since it is not absorbed.

More information about medications during pregnancy is available in the Pregnancy section of ParentSavvy.

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