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How can we help our son understand a new baby?

We recently found out that we are expecting our second child. We are thrilled and our lives will certainly be changing, so how do we explain this to our three-year-old? Also how can we involve him during this exciting time?

John | Expert


Having another child is a very exciting time! When we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter, we sat down our oldest that was four at the time and explained to her that she was going to be a big sister! Here are a few ideas:


You might want to give your child a time line on when the baby is due. 

New activities

A new baby will also bring new activities at home. I remember explaining the responsibilities that new babies require like diapers, feedings, and naps to let my oldest daughter know what to expect when her sister came.

Keep the older child involved

We involved our oldest in picking out clothes and infant toys and did as much as we could to keep her involved in the process.

Books to help explain

There are a number of books that will help prepare your oldest child for the baby to come. You may want to read a few of these suggested books to your child:

  • Happy Birth Day! By Robie Harris
  • Baby on the Way by William and Martha Sears
  • Arthur's New Baby by Marc Brown

Congratulations and best of luck!!

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