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What medicine or supplies I should have on hand for baby's arrival?

My first baby is due in 7 weeks. Do you have any recommendations on what over-the-counter medicine or supplies I should have on hand for when we bring the baby home?

Stephanie Neuhaus | Pediatrician

Stephanie Neuhaus

Your baby shouldn't need very much medication right away after coming home from the hospital. However, it is good to be prepared in case your baby develops a fever or has a problem with a gassy tummy.

If you are unable to get all this list gathered before your baby arrives, it will be fine to pick items up at a later time.

15 Medical and First-Aid Supplies for Infants

  • Digital thermometer (for use rectally or in the armpit).
  • Babies' non-aspirin liquid pain reliever, but check with your health care provider before you start giving it to your baby.
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to clean thermometers, tweezers and scissors.
  • Petroleum jelly (for rectal thermometers).
  • Bulb syringe for drawing mucus out of a stuffy nose and saline drops to loosen mucus before you use the bulb syringe.
  • Electrolyte solution for hydration after vomiting.
  • A small flashlight for checking your baby's nose, ears and mouth
  • First-aid manual such as the American Red Cross's First Aid & Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference Guide.
  • Anti-gas drops, or other gas or colic remedy.
  • A pair of baby nail clippers or a small nail file for trimming your baby's nails.
  • Baby shampoo or baby wash.
  • Baby moisturizing cream.
  • Diaper rash cream.
  • Teething toys or topical pain relief gel.
  • A soft-bristled baby brush to use when washing your baby's hair to prevent cradle cap.
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