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Can I eat raw fish when I'm pregnant?

I am 36 weeks pregnant, and I know you aren't suppose to eat raw fish during your pregnancy, but is salmon lox ok? Or, am I far enough along that it won't matter?

Marilyn Lowe | Expert

Marilyn Lowe

You may have heard about both the risks and benefits of eating seafood during pregnancy. Fish can be an important part of a balanced diet for pregnant women. It's a good source of high quality protein and other nutrients and low in fat.

You can protect your unborn baby by not eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. Limit yourself to 12 ounces—the size of two meals—of albacore or white tuna per week. The salmon in lox is smoked, which is going to make it high in sodium, but otherwise OK. It doesn't matter how far along in the pregnancy in regard to raw fish, it should be avoided. Anything that isn't cooked has the potential for bacteria accumulation, and pregnant women don't do well when exposed to these bacteria.

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