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What are the benefits of taking a Driver Education course?

My 15 year old is bugging me about driving. Do you have any idea if those driver's education courses worth it? What are the benefits of taking a Driver Education course?

Joe Chavis | Expert

Joe Chavis

A driver education course provides valuable road skills and knowledge of traffic laws. Doing so lays the groundwork for our teens to transition from having a learner's permit to having a Nebraska driver's license. Students in Nebraska who complete an approved driver education program are less likely to be issued a citation or become involved in an accident.

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Nebraska state law requires new drivers to first obtain a learner's permit, and then to take a state-certified driver education course or complete the 50-hour Driving Log. Even though it is not mandatory, driver education courses are more comprehensive and efficient than learning to drive from a friend or family member.

The National Safety Council, Nebraska prepares teens for the state written exams and driving performance tests. We also prepare teens to be safe, defensive drivers. This includes teaching basic traffic laws to fundamental safety tips. Experienced instructors reinforce proven best practices, such as distraction-free driving, to keep all of us alert and safe on our roads! As a parent, you can involve yourself in the process by helping your teen practice driving daily, to further enhance the driving experience and to help your teen build confidence.

Have a conversation with your teen about taking Driver Education. Visit our website at for course information. Enrolling your teen driver is worth the investment!

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