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Exposed to Measles

measles rash courtesty Public Health Image LibraryI am very concerned! A child with measles was recently reported in the metropolitan area.

I know there are vaccinations - but, are my kids protected? I have a preschooler as well as a 7-month-old child.

Should I worry? What should I look for?

Katrena Lacey | Pediatrician

Katrena Lacey

Measles is an illness that is characterized by a fever and a rash. The fever can spike very high and the rash is red, blotchy and typically starts on the hairline and face then spreads downwards.

If your child has been exposed and they are less than one year old then a dose of the MMR ( measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine can be given, but you must see your family doctor or pediatrician in order to determine if it is needed.

Secondly, your preschooler, if they are up-to-date on immunizations, has already received one MMR vaccine. If they are exposed to the measles then a second dose may be given. Again, the family physician or pediatrician would need to decide if the vaccine is indicated. 

The best things we can do as parents is:

  1. Keep our children home when they are ill
  2. Keep their immunizations up to date
  3. Use good hand washing techniques
  4. Contact our primary care providers immediately if we suspect our child has been exposed to measles or if they develop a fever with the rash described above. 
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