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Itchy bumps on my toddler's feet

My 3 year old continues to get these tiny red itchy bumps on the bottoms of her feet. They are only on the bottoms of her feet and nowhere else on her body.

This has been going on throughout the summer and her pediatrician told me to just use hydrocortisone 3x daily. Yes, it helps with the itch but I'm interested in knowing the possible cause and how to treat it.

She sweats heavily and I was wondering if it could be athlete's foot or something to do with sweating so much?

She does have allergies but she takes xyzal, flonase.

Stephanie Neuhaus | Pediatrician

Stephanie Neuhaus

A rash on the foot could be caused by many things. A few of the common rashes are from poison ivy, athlete’s foot, and hand foot & mouth. There are different causes for each rash – and some distinguishing marks.

Generally, the rashes are identified with:

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is a “weepy” rash. There may be bumps or blisters which itch. They may break open and crust over. The rash is caused by an allergic reaction from the body to the resin in the plant.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s foot rash is characterized by a scaly, itchy rash. This is caused by a fungus which likes to live in warm, moist places. This type of rash is most commonly found in teens and young males.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

The hand, foot and mouth disease is characterized by small blister-like bumps on the soles of the feet – and also may appear in the mouth or on the hands. It is caused by a virus and is common and very contagious in younger children.

Each case is unique

Comparing your child's symptoms and rash to these commonly-seen characteristics may help you identify the cause. However, these rashes and their symptoms tend to be unique in each person. I recommend having your child's rash examined by your physician who will be able to best prescribe appropriate medication to relieve the symptoms.

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