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How do I stop my 1 year old from chewing on the crib railings?...

image of baby chewing on crib railingMy baby, who is 12 months old keeps chewing on the crib railing.

I am worried if this will harm her - and can't seem to find anything that will get her to stop.

What can I do? 

Emily Bendlin | Pediatrician

Emily Bendlin

This is a common thing that infants do, especially if they are teething. This behavior usually goes away with time and typically isn’t a major concern, but if they are really gnawing away at that crib they risk swallowing potentially harmful chemicals or pieces of wood. 

It can be frustrating to try to get your child to stop chewing on things, but here are some tips to help this issue.

  • Make sure the crib materials are as safe as possible.  Verify that the paint is not lead based and make sure the crib doesn’t have any loose or missing parts.
  • Provide your infant with a healthy substitution, like a teething ring or cold washcloth.
  • Certain companies make crib rail protectors and guards

Talk with your pediatrician- in a small number of children, biting non-food items can be a sign of a health problem, like iron deficiency

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