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My 4 month old has a rash on her cheeks

My baby girl is 4 months old. She has a rash on her cheeks and it is oozing fluid with crust on the edges.

Is there any cream to treat her or any remedy I can try?

Cheryl MacDonald | Family Medicine

Cheryl MacDonald

For an infant with a rash as you describe with oozing fluid and crust, I would recommend that the child needs to see her physician to make sure there is nothing more complicated than baby acne.

At 4 months of age newborn acne is the most common rash seen.  This condition can be caused by hormones. It usually appears in the first month as little white dots on your newborn's nose.

To treat it:

  • Bathe your baby no more than two to three times per week with plain water or mild baby soap.
  • Never use adult acne medications.
  • Bumps should clear up on their own by age 12 to 18 months. 


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