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At what age do you stop allowing your child to have sleepovers?

Is my daughter too old to be having sleepovers with her friends?

Jocelyn | Expert


I don't believe there is any set age that is best to stop allowing our children to have sleepovers. I have two adult children, one teen and one adolescent. The adult children just naturally grew out of it as they got to be in the later grades of high school.

Our teen and adolescent still like to have sleepovers and we still allow it. There is one instance that we dealt with that changed the sleepovers a bit though. Our youngest daughter's best friends were twins, one girl and one boy.

They have been best friends since they were two years of age. Both twins used to stay the night for sleepovers until they got to be about eight years old. We believed at that point they were getting too old to have opposite gender sleepovers.

It was difficult for our daughter and the twins to understand why we had put a stop to this. Their parents explained to them in the way they saw fit and we explained to our daughter in the way that we saw fit. The female twin still spends the night on a fairly regular basis and when our daughter stays the night at her house, the male twin sleeps in a separate area.

Everyone has to make the choices that best suit their families and decide what works best for their particular situation. We have come to see sleepovers as a natural transition to our children becoming independent people and have never considered putting an end to it.

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