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How does your family recognize Dad on Father's Day?

I really want this Father's Day to be extra special. Any good ideas of what we could do for fun?

Lori | Expert


Family BBQ

Father's Day we keep our celebration pretty low key. We do get all the family together for a BBQ. Family gatherings are always fun and we don’t wait for holidays to do it. 

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Heather | Expert


Family time with special touches

Our Father's Day celebration starts with the kids making handmade cards with beautiful and gooey messages inside. They also promise to be good the whole day to make Father's Day the best possible day ever.

We usually get him a special gift that he has been wanting and can't get during the year because finances usually go towards the household. Then we always celebrate by going out to eat at the restaurant of his choice.

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Charity | Expert


Homemade love from the heart

On Father's Day we usually make breakfast for my husband. I like to have the kids create gifts for him. One of my favorite gifts we have given was a picture of the kids wearing "I Love Dad" T-shirts. One year we made stepping stones with the kids' handprints.

As the they have gotten older it has become more difficult to come up with ideas about which they are enthusiastic, so this year our youngest two are going to make a handprint card. The oldest two are on their own and we will see what they come up with.

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Jocelyn | Expert


Special pampering - and thankfulness

Typically on Father's Day, Dad sleeps in while mom and the kids finish up whatever little gifts we have been working on. We make breakfast as a family and have Dad open all of his cards and arts & crafts we have created. In the evening the older kids come over and we all make dinner as a family and enjoy some relaxation time.

We don't go over board on any of the holidays that recognizes one family member. Instead, we spend every day being grateful for having each other in our lives and give just a little something more on the special days. Happy Father's Day!

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