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What is the best fatherly advice you have for a new dad?

We are expecting our first baby soon and I really want to be the best father I can be. Do you have any advice?

Lori | Expert


"Be true to yourself."

My father was not around when I was growing up but I had several uncles to help guide me. The best advice I got was from my mom. That advice was “be true to yourself, and if you work hard you can have anything you set your mind to.” This is advice I have passed on to our children.

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Heather | Expert


"Dating: Is this the person I can see marrying and raising children with?"

My father was a rock to stand on while growing up. He made sure we had everything we needed even when money was low. I have as much respect and love for him now as I did as a child.

As I started my dating years, he felt the importance to sit me down and have a very important chat about who I dated. When a people are in their teens or young adulthood, they tend to be less selective about who they date. Of course, I made my bad choices, too. My father told me one night, "Heather, when you are dating these boys, you need to look at them and think, 'Is this a guy I can see myself married to and raising my kids?' If your answer is no, then it's time to move on." I took this to heart and that affected everyone I dated after that. The result was my choices got better and better and I ended up with a very upstanding guy that is an incredible father to his kids.

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