The ParentSavvy Frog

The ParentSavvy Frog is a fun little guy who spends most of his time living at Fontenelle Forest and playing with the kids at Hands-on-Habitat each month.

As Leopard Frog, he likes to stay near the pond and the mud to keep his skin cool. In his freetime, he likes to eat bugs and sing deep songs at nights.

In March 2015, ParentSavvy is asking the community to help name the ParentSavvy Frog. There will be coloring sheets at Fontenelle Forest at the March Hands-on-Habitat for kids to color and fill in with their naming suggestion. Parents can also download the frog coloring sheet from ParentSavvy and submit their child's answers on social media by taking pictures and tagging their posts with #NameOurPals.

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