Darrick Peters | DO Obstetrician

Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center

Dr. Peters is an obstetrician / gynecologist with Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center. “While I was on my rotations during medical school I had a natural draw to OB/GYN,” Dr. Peters said. “I really enjoy developing and building relationships that are more long term with patients. The ability to help a woman through her pregnancy and then help bring life into the world is just incredible.”

He believes that the role of the physician is to provide guidance. "In everything I do, I want the patient to be involved in the decision-making process. I feel it is the physician's role to present the pro's and con's of different treatment to help the patient make the best informed decision about their care. For any issue in medicine, there are oftentimes not one single right or wrong answer. I believe we need to tailor every patient's care to their specific needs and situation because no patient is made the same."