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Ashley LeGrand-Rozovics | DO, MHA Family-medicine

Methodist Physicians Clinic - Hawthorne Court

Dr. LeGrand-Rozovics answers your questions about child health and parenting. 

Becoming a physician was a life-long dream of Dr. LeGrand-Rozovics. As a child she was hospitalized with pneumonia. The compassionate care she received during that 2-week hospitalization sparked her interest in medicine. 

Dr. LeGrand-Rosovics believes in treating her patients in the way she would want her family members to be treated. "When you have that perspective, you want to explain things differently. You want to care for that patient in the way you would want your own daughter or father to be cared for." 

"My daughter has asthma and we have struggled with hospitalizations and even a NICU stay." Understanding parenting first-hand helps Dr. LeGrand care for children and their parents. "I went into medicine to help people get well. When you see a patient and they are improving since their last visit - those are the moments that make being a doctor worthwhile." 

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