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Amanda Votruba | MD Pediatrician

Methodist Physicians Clinic 192 Dodge Pediatrics

Dr. Votruba answers your questions about child health and parenting.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Votruba feels that seeing the kids every day is the best part of her job. With four children, including one set of twins, she enjoys sharing her experience and assisting parents through all phases of their child's life.

She feels that by knowing the child's health history she can help parents and patients feel more comfortable and trust that she will take this into account. She has college students who still come back and see her because she has established a trusting relationship with them and they aren't ready to see a grown-up doctor yet.

KETV Mommy Minutes

Dr. Amanda Votruba shares tips for comforting a baby with colic in this KETV Mommy Minute.

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