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Emily Bendlin | MD Pediatrician

Methodist Physicians Clinic - Gretna

Dr. Bendlin loves working with kids and their parents. She has always enjoyed caring for kids. 

"I've always liked medicine, but more importantly I've always liked kids," Dr. Bendlin said. "During my pediatric rotation it was the 'aha' moment. It was so fun and I was so excited when I went home. I knew at that time this is it for me – pediatrics is where I’m supposed to be."

According to Dr. Bendlin, "Working with kids is fun. What other medical field is there where it's acceptable to make a goofy face at a patient?" You can visit her at the Methodist Physicians Clinic in Gretna. 

KETV Mommy Minutes

Dr. Emily Bendlin describes the difference between the common cold and the flu as well as what you can do to protect yourself and your kids from the flu.

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