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Rosann Nichols | MD Pediatrician

Methodist Physicians Clinic Hawthorne Court (178 & Q)

Dr. Nichols answers your questions about child health and parenting.

As a mom of three children, she tells her patients that she is in the parenting trenches with them and she can relate to what they are going through. She enjoys answering questions from her patients and their parents and helping parents adapt to the changes a growing family brings.

She builds trust with parents and helps them understand that they are not alone and that they can call her office anytime if they have a question. In order to deliver great patient care she gives recommendations that are caring, practical and scientifically based to parents so that they may make well-educated decisions regarding the care of their children.

KETV Mommy Minutes

In this KETV Mommy Minute, Dr. Nichols shares insight to know when your child is ready for kindergarten.

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