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family fitness challenge

The Family Fitness Challenge

Hi friend!

My name is Andrew, and I'm a PE teacher here in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm proud to work with ParentSavvy who believe healthy kids and families make for healthy communities. They approached me to help lead this challenge!

Join the Family Fitness Challenge

Register for the Family Fitness Challenge today! The first email for the challenge will arrive in your inbox on MONDAY, AUGUST 21ST! 

The Challenge

For 6 weeks I'll send you an email with a new challenge for the week. The challenges builds on top of one another, so by week 6 you'll be doing each of the exercises. The goal isn't to be perfect, but to help you and your family build activity and fitness into your lives together!

Here are the 6 exercises that are a part of the challenge:


As part of the kick-off to this on-going challenge, ParentSavvy is going to be giving away two $50 gift cards each week from August 22nd to October 2nd. To enter all you have to do is take a picture or video of your family being active together and post it on the ParentSavvy Facebook page or tag ParentSavvy in a Twitter or Instagram post. Winners will be announced on Mondays on ParentSavvy's social profiles!

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Track Your Progress

Download the Family Fitness Chart to keep track of your family's progress!


Family Fitness Challenge:Week 1: Jumping Jacks