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hands on habitat registration

Hands-on-Habitat Signup

ParentSavvy and Fontenelle Forest are partnering to provide these special educational, hands-on classes for pre-school age children and parents.

Each parent is invited to bring up to 3 kids to these special classes for FREE 3 times a year! With your admission to Hands-on-Habitat, you also receive $5 off your family membership to the forest!

The Details

Who: Adults with Children 3-5 years of age
When: 3rd Friday of the month | Registration opens the first of the month
Time: 9:30am - 11:00am
Where: Fontenelle Forest
Cost: FREE 3x a year

If you love this program, we invite you to check out Fontenelle Forest's Mud Pies program that happens Monday - Thursday during the school year.

When you sign up for these classes, you'll also be added to the ParentSavvy and Fontenelle Forest newsletters.

2017 Hands-on-Habitat Classes

Lindsay Cooley, our special Environmental Educator, will be leading each of the Hands-on-Habitat events. For more information about upcoming events, read Lindsay's ParentSavvy blog!

April 21 – Frogs and Toads

Where have frogs and toads been hiding all winter? When will we start finding tadpoles? Have all your questions answered as we learn about these wonderful amphibians!

Registration Opens April 1st!

May 19 – Dabbling Ducks

We'll learn all about winged creatures and what makes them special.

June & July – Off for Fontenelle Summer Camp!

August 18 – Snail Tales

Come learn about the life of a snail, and get a close-up look at these amazing little creatures.

September 15 – Turtle Time

Find out what makes turtles unique and where to look for them during this fun morning.

October 20 – Falling Leaves

Come twirl and float in the breeze as we learn about why leaves come down in the fall.

November 17 – Busy Squirrels

Discover the secrets of squirrels and why they keep so busy when the weather gets cooler.

December 15 – Owls All Over

These incredible birds are all around us! Find out how they hide and survive all winter long.

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