new parents

So you're a new parent.

Welcome to the crazy world of emotional highs and lows and feeling unprepared all the time for what this new little life is going to bring you. Don't worry though, you can do this. The joy outweighs the uncertainty.

To help with the uncertainty, we at ParentSavvy put together some articles that we like to think of as a New Parent's Parenting Manual. From breastfeeding to diapering, we've got you and your baby covered. And if you can't find the answer to one of your questions, you can ask one of our ParentSavvy experts. We're a little biased, but we like to think they are some of the best in Omaha. Don't take our word for it though, go on and throw your toughest questions at them. You know you want to.

(P.S.  If you still feel overwhelmed just remember your parents were first time parents at one point and look how you turned out. You can do this!)

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What should I look for in a prenatal vitamin to protect myself and my baby?

Dr. Tifany Somer-Shely MD, Obstetrician at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center answers this question.

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