Halloween Safety

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  • Halloween is a fun time for both children and parents. To make sure everyone has a safe holiday, here’s Seven Spooktacular Safety Suggestions--brought to you by

  • Flame resistant costumes come in a variety of styles. The federal Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA) requires costumes sold at retail to be flame-resistant. To prevent costume-related burns, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) enforces this requirement and recalls costumes and other products that violate the FFA act.

  • If you are out and about, look both ways. Halloween is among the highest for vehicle/pedestrian accidents. Use cross walks and traffic lights to cross streets and remember that at night, drivers may not see you.

  • Define a pre-approved trick-or-treating area for your children to stay within. Cell phones are a great way for children to check in while out trick-or-treating.

  • Don’t eat the candy! Wait until your parents or responsible adult inspect it for any tampering. Don’t bother eating fresh fruit or homemade treats. These are best discarded immediately.

  • Nothing good happens after 9pm. Trick-or-Treating should be completed by 9pm. Many towns have curfews for Halloween. Check your local ordinances.

  • If your older children must drive on Halloween, encourage them to drive slower than normal and avoid using their smart phones at all costs. If needed, have them pull over to answer calls or reply to texts.

  • Halloween is about having fun. To ensure you have fun, just use common sense and a few extra tips to have a safe and spooktacular time!