Your Baby, Week 1


Brand new familyCongratulations, your baby is finally here! You made it through 40 weeks of pregnancy and have a beautiful newborn boy or girl to show for it.

You may be gazing at this tiny human being in your arms and thinking, “now what!?” It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed, considering your baby is completely dependent on you for all of her needs.

If you’re wishing that your baby came with an instruction manual, this may be the next best thing—a weekly message in your in-box offering practical advice and parenting information throughout your baby’s first year.

You can also visit ParentSavvy anytime to read about all those things you are seeing and learning for the first time.

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Newborn nutrition

The quality of your milk changes as your baby grows. Learn about breastfeeding during the first month.

Evaluating your baby's health and age

While your baby is still in the hospital he is tested and assessed in a number of areas. These evaluations help ensure your baby gets all the care he needs to grow. Learn about these tests and what they show.

Your baby's body

Here are the basics about some of the differences you may have seen in your baby's body.