Your Baby, Week 10

Mom staring lovingly at newborn baby

Your baby has soft spots on her head called fontanels, where the bones of the skull meet. These spots allowed for baby’s head to mold in order to fit through the birth canal. They also allow for the brain’s incredible growth during the first year.

Right now, these spots are open and flat, so be sure to handle your baby’s head carefully.

In the next month or so, the soft spot at the back will close, while the large one at the top of the head won’t close until she’s about a year and a half old.

Building your baby's brain

A baby is born with 100 billion brain cells, called neurons. Read about how your baby's brain develops - and how you can help his brain grow.

Eat well while breastfeeding

Are you breastfeeding? Be sure to take extra care with your own nutrition. Follow our suggestions for handling your special diet concerns while breastfeeding.

Is your baby safe from rotovirus?

A highly-contagious viral infection called rotovirus can quickly cause dangerous dehydration in infants. Because this is a virus, antibiotic medicines are not effective against it. Fortunately, there is a vaccine to protect your baby. Learn about the vaccination.

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