Your Baby, Week 11

baby being examined by doctor

You and baby have a date at the pediatrician’s office—it’s checkup time this month.

You probably have lots of questions to ask the doctor, and it’ll be nice to receive some reassurance that your mommy skills are up to par!

Besides measuring and examining your baby, the doctor will administer some vaccines. It’s hard to watch your little one get jabbed with a needle, but it’s important that he receive these shots.

Read our myths and facts about vaccinations.

Try breastfeeding or offering a bottle after the injection to soothe him. A pacifier may help, too.

The pediatrician should explain any reactions your baby might experience and what to do if they occur.

Childhood Immunizations

Vaccine-preventable illnesses in the United States are at an all-time low. However, many of these same diseases are still common in other parts of the world. Learn about immunizations and what they protect your child from.

Playing with your baby

Babies change quickly - how can you encourage play and development? Read our guide to play across your baby's first year.

Ask an expert

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