Your Baby, Week 13

mom holding baby and cooing


Your baby is no longer a newborn—he’s a growing into an energetic and engaging infant.

Your baby is starting to discover there’s a whole world out there—and he’s curious to explore it.

You can encourage him by allowing him to look at, feel, smell, and hear different things.


You are your child’s teacher, and your baby learns about life by watching and interacting with you.

  • If he coos, coo back at him, and then see if he’ll keep up the “conversation.”


  • Sing silly songs to him, and show him objects of different sizes and textures.

Hearing, speech and language milestones

When will my baby enjoy the sound of a rattle? At what age will he begin to recognize words for common things like 'cup' or 'ball'? Check our table for milestones in hearing during your baby's first year.

How much should my baby be sleeping?

Sleep needs change as babies grow. Babies also sleep differently than older children or adults. Read about the different stages of sleep as babies grow.

Waking baby

Most of the time you most likely want to leave the baby sleep - but, sometimes you have to wake your baby. Here's how.