Your Baby, Week 15

happy family with baby

Believe it or not, your baby already has a “social life.” From very early on, babies are learning about emotions and social skills.

Your little one knows how to get certain responses from you and can show you how excited or happy he is. He’s also learning how to make himself happy and enjoy the company of others.

Research shows that babies are fussier when parents or other adults around them argue, so you may want to save the battle over whose turn it is to take out the trash for when baby’s asleep—or better yet, forget it altogether!

Why is my baby crying?

Can I 'spoil' her by picking her up? What should I do to help quiet her? Read about crying and ideas to help you calm your baby.

Playing it safe - the whole toy story

Use our guide to find age-appropriate, safe toys for your child.

Babysitter Prep

Finding a babysitter and what to tell them? Read our checklist for tips on this important first.