Your Baby, Week 16

baby with big blue eyes

Your baby’s vision is improving.


  • Your baby now can follow the cat as it darts across the room.
  • She can distinguish objects from backgrounds without much contrast, like her red hat on a red chair.
  • She can recognize familiar objects and people from a distance, and watches faces intently.


There may be quite a lot of unfamiliar faces in your baby’s field of vision when you two are out and about—it seems everyone is excited to see an infant.

  • Help your baby stay healthy by not allowing well-meaning strangers to touch and hold her.
  • And keep her away from people who have coughs and runny noses.


Laughing, cooing and peek-a-booing! Your baby's social skills are starting to develop now. Learn how to encourage him.

Make it safe

Soon your baby will be more mobile - rolling and crawling. Now is the time to take a fresh look at safety in your home.

Vision milestones

A child's vision matures as they age. Look at these vision milestones to see when you might expect changes in your baby's eyesight.