Your Baby, Week 18

Baby eating from spoon

Your baby is getting bigger!

For the first four months, your baby continued growing at the same rate she established during her first few weeks of life, gaining on average, between 1 1⁄2 and 2 pounds a month.

In the coming months, your baby will gain about 1 to 1 1/4 pounds monthly and likely double her birth weight by six months of age.

Oh, my aching back!

  • As your baby gets heavier, it’s wise to protect your back when lifting and bending.
  • Kneel or squat when taking your baby out of her stroller.
  • Lower the crib side instead of bending over it to pick up your baby.

Back aches might be an occupational hazard for parents. Learn about how to safely lift your bundle of joy.

Yum - is it time for baby food?

Use our feeding guide for baby's feeding from 4 to 8 months old.

Home safety for all ages

Some safety hazards apply to all children. But many problems are especially dangerous for children at a particular age or stage of development. Use our guide to be sure your home is safe.