Your Baby, Week 23

adorable baby boy eating carrotsGot something other than milk (or formula) on the menu?


Some babies are ready to begin eating some solid food between four and six months.

Once you’ve gotten your doctor’s OK, start with infant rice cereal and introduce foods to baby one at a time, so you can check for any allergic reactions.

When your little one pushes the away from the food or spoon, he’s telling you he’s done.

If more has ended up on the floor and on his face than in his belly, don’t worry. He’s still getting his nutrition from formula or breast milk right now. Making a mess is part of the fun!

The road to table food

How do you start foods with your baby? Are there some to avoid? Read our guide to introducing foods to your baby.

Feeding tips

These tips will help you as you begin to plan your baby's new foods.

New moms' brains may grow following childbirth

Interesting research suggests that the brains of new mothers may actually grow following childbirth. Read about the causes and areas of this growth.